The fountains are an indispensable element in the decoration of our outdoor spaces, but they are also charming and very beneficial in the interior spaces. Since ancient times they have been part of all cultures, and it is not surprising, water is the origin of all life on our planet and is vital for the conservation of this.

Water purifies, with it we clean our body, our homes and our clothes. In addition, the flow of water in the fountains releases negative ions that regenerate and balance the environment. The fountains allow us to create spaces that convey cleanliness, clarity, freshness ... An oasis of peace for oneself and for others.

fountains Feng Shui

Feng Shui

For Feng Shui water is a primordial element, and it is not surprising, Feng Shui literally means wind and water. The philosophy of Feng Shui gives great importance to the good flow of energy, and nothing better to help it flow than a beautiful fountain. Combining it with the exterior vegetation, it is able to create spaces that relax us and allow us to enjoy moments full of harmony and happiness.

Hypnotic beauty in its pure state.

The fall of the water, its flow, is with the fire, one of the most beautiful and hypnotic visual perceptions that nature has given us. In addition, its captivating sound transmits peace and harmony. The fountains allow us to enjoy this show without leaving home, and not only to us, but also to any visit we receive in our home.

fountains colour and texture

The sound of water

If there is something that can overcome the vision of the flow of water, that is the sound that it generates in its perpetual movement. The sound is not confined to our field of vision, it travels through space, perceiving itself without needing to focus our attention on it. His murmur envelops and comforts us, helping us to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Air quality.

A fountain significantly improves the air we breathe, the negative ions it generates help to cleanse and cool the environment. Thanks to this, many people feel energized and have a better presence of mind.


Colour and texture

The fountains can also provide colour and textures in the gardens and terraces. Its different materials and colours allow us to play with them and surprise with their colours, sizes and textures. Combining different fountains sizes, as well as colours and materials, allows us to create different volumes in our garden or terrace.

Cleaning the source.

The cleanliness of the fountain is essential to maintain all its splendour, for this we must consider several factors: algae, dry leaves, and other climatic events. The problem of algae can be solved with a liquid algaecide, if you do not have aquatic plants in the fountain. The filters also help to clean the water and to delay the appearance of algae, these must be cleaned periodically. We must also bear in mind that at least once a year it is advisable to do a deep cleaning to enjoy all its beauty.

fountains of energy

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