Synthetic fiber furniture.

The Synthetic fiber furniture for garden are the natural substitutes for natural fiber furniture. There are many reasons to choose furniture made with synthetic fibers, being the first of them their resistance and withstand the inclement weather. While the furniture of natural fibers must be protected from the climate and we must procure some maintenance periodically, the synthetic fiber withstands without any problem the weather and does not need any maintenance.

The Quality of the synthetic fiber furniture.

Not all synthetic fiber furniture is the same, and neither are their prices. The reason for this is its quality, and depending on it the result that we will obtain. In the Albir Colonial we care to offer only the best quality of furniture, and therefore our synthetic fiber garden furniture is of the best quality.

In addition to its high quality, we also offer avant-garde designs, such as our double lounger "New Minimalist":

new minimalist sunlounger

Good synthetic fiber furniture must to have an aluminum structure. This aluminum structure is light and support the weather without any problem. Cheap synthetic fiber furniture often has an iron structure or other material not suitable to withstands the weather. Aluminum does not oxidize, and is also very light and resistant, for this reason all the furniture of synthetic fiber of the Albir Colonial have a structure of the best aluminium, guaranteeing a long useful life and great lightness.

Our model of sofas "module" are a reflection of quality, design and practicality. The modules allow us to create the perfect sofa for any distribution. We can create a Corner sofa, a three-seater, ...

How to choose our synthetic fiber set?

First, we must take into account their comfort, and for that the size is going to be a determining factor. The good synthetic fiber sofas have the proper dimensions of both height and background, giving the greater sense of comfort.

An example of comfort and design is our corner by modules:

sofa corner

Types of synthetic fiber.

The synthetic fiber has different qualities based on its weight, grammage and shape. The synthetic fibers tend to imitate the forms of the natural, so we find different shapes, rounded, flat, octagonal, etc. In addition, the materials that are made are also different, being able to be PVC, vinyl, various plastics, etc. In general, the more flexible the synthetic fibers are, the better the material is.

The various forms of synthetic fiber allow us to create different structures with natural appearance, imitating with great realism the braiding of natural fibers. Our Louisiana Armchair model is a clear example of great quality and naturality.

Conclusions and things to keep in mind when buying synthetic fiber furniture.

One of its greatest advantages compared to natural fibers is that they do not need maintenance. Its cleanliness is very easy and fast, just a damp cloth to remove the dust and leave them as new.

We always must ask about the material with which the skeleton or frame of the furniture is made. Knowing its interior helps us to enjoy its exterior.

It is also advisable to ask if they are resistant to UV rays to know if their color will resist over time.

Visit our shops and discover our great variety In Garden Furniture And their lovely designs like our Louisiana armchairs in synthetic fiber:

Luisiana arm chair

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