Terrace and garden furniture, exterior decoration trends 2018.

 The terrace furniture and the trends for 2018 in decoration come loaded with colour, naturalness and purity in the materials. The vintage returns with force, the memory of yesterday is installed in the decoration through the antiques.

In addition, the decoration based on the Nordic design is losing strength, giving way to a trend that is becoming increasingly relevant. We refer to the Raw trend, where the artificial perfection of Nordic lines and designs is no longer sought. The Raw style seeks naturalness in wooden furniture, highlighting its natural imperfections.

Raw style:

Raw is a term that comes from English and that we could translate as raw, crude, primitive ... The Raw style is based on the basics, the natural, the essence of things. Our society in recent years demonstrates a trend of behaviour prone to a more natural, sustainable and healthy lifestyle. The essence of life and the return to nature claim their rightful place in our lives.

The new trend that favours everything that is natural and healthy is prevailing in all facets of life, including decoration and terrace furniture. Natural materials gain new relevance and raw wood is once again the protagonist.

terrace furniture

The time of the perfection of lines imposed by the Nordic style is losing strength in favour of the beautiful imperfections that natural wood offers us. Thus, unequal forms, or cracks and rough textures are imposed.

Unlike the coldness conveyed by the Nordic style, the Raw trend appreciates and vindicates the natural elements that transmit warmth. The new trend that focuses on the natural does not intend to eliminate the symmetrical lines of modern furniture. Quite on the contrary, what is intended is to combine and integrate the natural, asymmetric and with certain irregularities, to modern furniture with straight and perfect lines.

Combine styles:

Combining a table of microcement and Acacia wood with its clean and modern lines (HARVARD garden table), with a synthetic fibre sofa (California sofa 3 places), with natural effect, creates an intimate and cosy atmosphere in our home.

We can also choose to put a countertop composed of a tree trunk barely treated in a super modern kitchen. These touches break the sober and cold perfection of modern furniture, incorporating a natural touch to the interior of the home, with irregular lines and marked veins without any dissimulation.

terrace furniture

Gardens and terraces:

 The current trends in garden and terrace decoration tend to create differentiated spaces depending on the various activities that are carried out. In these spaces, harmonious integration of terrace and garden furniture with nature is pursued. In addition, this year the use of colours has returned with more force than ever, highlighting the power of colour of textiles. We must also have decorating details based on distant and exotic cultures.

In addition, we must bear in mind that each space has its own characteristics, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, we have to find the most suitable corners for each of the activities we carry out.

Natural materials:

If there is something that can not be missing this summer of 2018 in your terrace or garden are the terrace furniture and decoration articles made with vegetable fibers. We talk about rattan and wicker among others. We also refer to synthetic fibers with natural effect, easy to clean and weatherproof. In addition, you can not miss the furniture of noble woods such as teak, acacia and oak.

Natural fibers stand out both in the manufacture of textiles, and in the creation of furniture and decorative items. Its use is vast and as old as humanity. Plant fibers are hollow, which allows air to circulate better. In addition, they are very light, which allows them to be transported comfortably.

terrace furniture

The noble woods are always beautiful, warm and cozy. Loaded with personality, they allow us to enjoy the irregular beauty and the authentic, free of all manipulation transmit all the magnificence of nature. Our (teak wood bar furniture and folding doors) is a clear example of the Raw style and the purity of the teak wood.

In addition, Other finishes that are also becoming increasingly relevant, is that of microcement, rust, marble or mosaic. In short, pure materials and without trying too much. The metal, and especially the forge, in combination with glass or mosaic, create magnificent dining tables. The structures of the legs are often in themselves great works of art. Forged legs imitating the branches of a tree as the base of a glass create a magnificent sculpture and an excellent table.

Intense colours:

This 2018 our terraces, balconies and gardens claim all the color. For this nothing better than the color and textures that textiles provide us. The textiles are ideal for dressing our furniture and outdoor spaces. Combine the neutral tones like beige or gray of your furniture, with the vibrant color offered by cushions, carpets, lamps, and other decorative items.

 The cushions are a great product to add color and texture to our decoration. Its different colors, shapes and textures give us color and depth. Thanks to its great versatility and its good price, they offer us the opportunity to change any corner of our garden or terrace in a comfortable and simple way. Enter our cushions section and discover the magic of color.


The gray continues to be one of the main colors, not in vain has been one of the main colors of the Nordic style. This color combines very well with the dark woods and the intense greens of nature.

Terracotta pots in different colors are another way to bring color to your outdoor spaces, as well as being ideal to combine with the greenery and freshness of the plants.

Exotic decoration

Are you attracted to the cultures of other countries, their exotic forms?

 In good time, you're lucky! 2018 continues to bring to the West the Asian culture and its Zen gardens. Sculptures and Buddhist sources that transmit peace and harmony, sculptures of Moáis that remind us of a distant trip to Easter Island. In addition, doors and decorative panels brought from Indonesia and India. All this brought especially so that you can create a space of balance and serenity in your garden or terrace.

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Another article that is taking more and more relevance are the murals. How much bigger better! Striking murals, capable of transporting us to exotic places. In the Colonial Albir you can find a myriad of murals with exotic motifs, natural stone or imitating it. In addition to the murals, we also have the tiles, whether real or imitations of these, the result in the decoration is extraordinary.

Vintage furniture:

The vintage is very fashionable, and not only inside the home, has also been imposed on outdoor spaces. Terrace furniture with lines from the 60s and 70s, with cubist lines, made of high quality artificial fiber for easy care.

terrace furniture

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